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Get rid of scratches, scuffs or chips with Alloy Wheel Refurbishment services

Are you worried about the increasing scratches, scuffs or chips on your car or van alloys? We can fix it perfectly. Using the latest technology and process, we restore your scuffed, scratched, and chipped alloys back to their original showroom condition and appearance.

Whether it is one wheel or all the four wheels, Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Services can do it all. Our quality alloy wheel refurbishment service helps your vehicle to get back its former glory all at once. One of the wisest ways to take care of the exterior part of your vehicle is to maintain your alloy wheels time after time. The reason is alloy wheels get worn and its appearance changes with the passage of time even in natural driving conditions. However, getting alloy wheel refurbishment brings back the shiny look of your wheels and thereby creates a difference in terms of aesthetics as well as increases its price simultaneously.

Chances are that you might have chipped or scratched your alloy wheel in the parking because this is the most common case that we get most of the time. At the same time, before you know it the paint finish or the rim has been damaged.

In that case, we have the best team in the industry that is experienced and knowledgeable in providing a quality Alloy Wheel Refurbishment service to our clients. Furthermore, since we are the only people with an extensive knowledge in this field you can trust us in complete confidence to receive fantastic services at the best rates.

Restoring an Alloy Wheel: How do we do it?

We use the best technology and the right methods to ensure a perfect finish for your alloys.

The process starts with removing the damaged alloy from the tyre and then sanding away the chips, scratches and scuffs under expert observation. In case, of any major damage, we fill the space with resin that aids us in restructuring the surface so that the new paint sticks to it without any hindrance. Following we apply our quality primer before the painting process begins.

After the repair part is ready for applying paint we match the colour with the exact colour of the manufacturer before applying the paint. Following a spray gun is used to spray the paint on the surface and merged perfectly for an ideal application. In the end, a clear lacquer is applied over the paint to seal it before putting it to dry under infrared heat lamps.

Once the paint has dried we polish it to give it a quality gloss finish and thereby your alloy is completely refurbished and appears new again.

# Excellent Repairs

At Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Services, we deliver the finest repair work so that you can trust our services again. Just drop your vehicle at our workshop anytime in the morning or afternoon and we will make sure to complete the repair work as soon as possible.