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Importance of Powder Coating

The process of powder coating is significant for making colour changes as well as to match the existing finish of the wheel. At Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Services, we use the latest technology to provide the best services for long-term benefits and client's satisfaction.

In actuality, Powder Coating is considered to be a better and wiser choice compared to spray paint since the powder coating is not only durable but also it provides you with a perfect finish. Furthermore, it is also environmentally friendly because the process does not involve using solvents to keep the filler and blinder parts in a fluid consistency.

Powder Coating is the right choice and that is why we use this process for making colour changes and to match the earlier paint finish on your wheel. It is true that daily driving cause wear and tear, which changes the appearance of alloy wheel colour making it look scruffy and damaged. Also, dents, chips, scratches and weather conditions are well known to cause harm to the condition of your alloys.


Process of Powder Coating

Our Powder Coating process begins with detaching the tyre from the wheel and then using a pressure washer to remove the dirt and grit from the alloy wheel. After the alloy is cleaned completely we place it in a specific chemical solution to strip the old paint layers from the alloy.

For the powder coating application process, we employ compressed air through a nozzle with the help of an electrode. This is done so that the powder particles get positively charged and stick to the surface that is coated with the powder. Following the application process, the alloy wheel is placed carefully into the curing oven to commence the molecular change. This is when each particular particle joins the surrounding particles of powder leading to a formation of a seamless and ideal finish.

So if you are getting your alloy wheels Powder Coated then you can be sure it will stay perfect for a long time. The alloy wheels that are Powder Coated actually last longer for their ability to resist different types of wear and tear that is caused due to daily driving.

A High-quality Repair Service

Are you searching for quality repair work? Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Services uses the best technology and quality materials so that our clients are satisfied with our services and refer us to their acquaintances. Contact us for more information as we are always ready to help you.