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Enhance the appeal of your car by bringing in a sporty look with alloy wheel colour changes.

Are you thinking about making a statement or you just want to change the appearance of your car? Most of the people are inclined towards black but we can paint alloys with any colour in accordance to your tastes.

Process of colour change

When the process of alloy wheel repair and refurbs are carried out, we check whether the colour is matching with the original colour or not. Any colour you bring to us, we can match it with a similar one. That being said, if you are getting alloy wheel repaired by us then why not go a for a complete colour change of your wheel? Our experienced and knowledgeable painters will do the shades in terms of what you desire. Anything you want, we will discuss and deliver results beyond your expectations.

Starting from glossy white, black, gold, and silver to many more varieties to suit the appeal you are looking for. Whether it is BMW, Audi or any car, we bring the best alloy colour finish and provide repair service to all car brands.

# We also colour scratched, dented or chipped alloys after repairing it accordingly. Whether it is minor or major damage, we fix it all before commencing the colour changing process. Furthermore, we do it in the genuine factory process where the alloy is coated inside and out and thereby ensure a fantastic finish in the end.

Our aim lies in helping you maintain the resale value of your alloy wheels when you are thinking about selling or using your car for a longer time. In that case, we offer the best prices for your benefit.